Whole Body Massage Diploma

Whole Body Massage Diploma

 Massage Courses – 3 Day Guaranteed Rich Course 

Massage Courses, at the Body Sense Massage School, are unique. Since 2011, Thousands of therapists certified with us. So, we are confident about our amazing training style, rich and technical courses! Also, This is not what we say! That’s our student’s feedback too. You can also find our therapists positive feedbacks at the Testimonial page!

Become Master The Art With Diploma of Whole Body Massage (Kevin Style):

Become master the art in major massage therapy styles (Relaxation, Trigger Point and Deep Tissue, Sports massages), along with constipation massage and pressure points.
In addition, via Trigger Point Therapy techniques you will learn treatment of most of the major muscles problems, and long-term pain in the body; E.g. frozen shoulder problems, knee & ankle pain, hand & wrist pain, hand & fingers numbness, back & lower back pains, sciatica problems, leg pains, foot pain. So, Massage business setting up and Ethics is another part of this diploma course. All only in this intensive 32 hours course.

After Completion of this course, you will be awarded the Diploma of Whole Body Massage. Also, the therapist can join the Australian professional body the World Association for Complementary Practitioners (WAFCP) and can apply for the AON insurance services through the WAFCP.

I, Kevin Salimi guarantee you will obtain required skills, knowledge, and confidence, as a professional massage therapist in this unique course. This course is a technical course! Furthermore, I provide you amazing tips in massage business that they are very helpful to make client based. IF You Trust BSMS & Me! I Can Help You From My Heart To Achieve Your Goals!

What will you learn in the last day of Diploma of Whole Body Massage Course?


Theory session:

  1. Theory of Sports massage & types 
  2. Usage of fomentation
  3. Contraindications for fomentation
  4. Benefits of fomentation
  5. Usage of cryotherapy
  6. Contraindications for cryotherapy
  7. Benefits of cryotherapy
  8. Endangerments areas & cryotherapy
  9. Most common injuries & Contusions
  10. Constipation massage
  11. Contraindications for constipation massage
  12. Massage Business & Ethics


Advanced Trigger Point on some of the major muscles in the last day of this Diploma Course. E.g.

  1. Pectoralis Minor
  2. Serratus Anterior
  3. Quadratus Lumborum (QL) (advanced)
  4. Lattisimus Dorsi
  5. Teres Minor
  6. Teres Major
  7. Common Flexors


The Sports Massage Contains 34 Passive and Active Stretching Techniques On 17 Major Muscles;

  1. Trapezius muscle
  2. Lavator scapulae
  3. Teres major
  4. Infraspinatus and Teres minor (2 Muscles)
  5. Rhomboid major & minor (2 Muscles)
  6. Triceps brachii
  7. Biceps brachii
  8. Forearm flexors
  9. Forearm extensors
  10. QL
  11. Gluteus Maximus
  12. Hamstring origin
  13. Gastrocnemius
  14. Rectus Femoris
  15. Latissimus dorsi

Abdominal Massage and Pressure Points for Constipation Treatment:
Another part of this program is learning the Abdominal massage in 6 steps to help reduce constipation and preparation for pressure points related to constipation.
So, you will be learning Pressure Points for Constipation treatment on some areas of the body. E.g.

  1. Arms
  2. Forearms
  3. Hands
  4. Legs