Whole Body Massage Diploma

Whole Body Massage Diploma

The Diploma of Whole Body Massage course (Kaveh/Kevin Style) is the collaboration of Whole Body Massage certificate course, Trigger Point therapy certificate course, and advanced Sports Massages & Trigger point, Abdominal massage & Pressure Points for constipation problems, and Massage Business and Knowledge. This course is one of the unique courses that the students can come across as they get the opportunity to learn different fields of massage therapy and master the art in 3 days. By enrolling in this training program provided by the Body Sense Massage School, helps the students to gain enough skills, knowledge, and confidence, as a professional massage therapist in order to achieve the market demands.

This course is also termed as ‘KavehHealing Massage’. The theory session starts with the sports massage, usage & benefits of fomentation &cryotherapy, endangerment areas for fomentation &cryotherapy, the most common injuries and contusions, constipation massage, and business and knowledge of the industry, ethics, and client based.

During the practical session, the students learn advanced trigger point massages (Trp/NMT), 34 passive & active stretching techniques for 17 major muscles in Sports Therapy, abdominal massage in 6 steps and 4 major pressure points for constipation. By the end of the training course, the students will bemolded as a professional healer and massage therapist and gain immense confidence to practice in a professional manner. The 3 day course is well recognized Australia wide and internationally, and is boosting the students to achieve their dream. The diploma certificate bestowed helps the pursuers to smoothly climb the ladder of success.

Whole Body Massage Diploma – This Massage Diploma is the combination of Whole Body Massage Certificate, Trigger Point Therapy Certificate & modules for our Diploma Course

Diploma of Whole Body Massage:

The last day diploma course is combinations of advanced Sport Massages and Sports injuries, Trigger Point Therapy for this diploma course , and Abdominal massage and pressure points for Constipation problems. This is a unique course that offers only by the Body Sense Massage School and we guarantee studying our diploma package gives you 200% confidence to work as a very professional massage therapist. Via studying our massage course diploma package you will gain knowledge in Relaxation massage, trigger point therapy treatment techniques, Sport massage and injury, treatment massages for: headaches, constipation, and treatment of most of the major muscles problems, knee and ankle pain, hand and wrist pain, hand and fingers numbness, back pains, leg pains, foot pain, and some other treatments, plus Massage Business knowledge and setting up, and much more!

What Will You Learn from the Diploma Course?

Theory session:

  1. Sport massage
  2. Usage of fomentation
  3. Contraindications for fomentation
  4. Benefits of fomentation
  5. Usage of cryotherapy
  6. Contraindications for cryotherapy
  7. Benefits of cryotherapy
  8. Endangerments areas & cryotherapy
  9. Most common injuries & Contusions
  10. Constipation massage
  11. Contraindications for constipation massage
  12. Massage Business

Advanced Trigger Point for this Diploma Course:

  1. NMT for Pectoralis Minor
  2. NMT for Serratus Anterior
  3. NMT for QuadratusLumborum (QL) (advanced)
  4. NMT for LattisimusDorsi
  5. NMT for Teres Minor
  6. NMT for Teres Major
  7. NMT for Common Flexors
  8. Sport Massage Therapy Stretching Techniques for Major Muscles Active & Passive)
  9. Some sports injuries treatments

Massage & Essential Points:

  1. Trapezius muscle (1 muscle)
  2. Lavator scapulae (1)
  3. Teres major (1)
  4. Infraspinatus and Teres minor (2 muscles)
  5. Rhomboid major & minor (2 muscles)
  6. Triceps brachii (1)
  7. Biceps brachii (1)
  8. Forearm flexors (1)
  9. Forearm extensors (1)
  10. QL (1)
  11. Gluteus Maximus (1)
  12. Hamstring origin (1)
  13. Gastrocnemius (1)
  14. Rectus Femoris (1)
  15. Latissimus dorsi (1)

Abdominal Massage and Pressure Points for Constipation Treatment:
Abdominal massage in 8 steps to help reduce the constipation and preparation for pressure points related to constipation.
Pressure Points for Constipation treatments on the:

  1. Arms
  2. Forearms
  3. Hands
  4. Legs