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  • Australian Approved Massage Courses
  • Globally Approved Short Massage Courses (Only By BSMS)
  • Career Path Away Massage Courses
  • Become A Qualified Therapist In 2 day, or 3 day
  • 3 Day Approved Massage Diploma
  • Gain Knowledge, Skills, Hands-On In Massage Therapy
  • Become Eligible To Apply for The IICT Membership
  • Become Eligible To Apply for The Public Liability Insurance
  • Establish Business Straight After The Completion

Whole body massage course is combinations of basic Swedish and basic deep tissue...



Focusing on Trigger Point Therapy (TRP) treatments and Deep Tissue massage ..



The learner/s after completion of the Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 will be qualified with the diploma of whole body massage.


We are the one stop solution to make a successful career as a therapist. We help you to explore this vast area by offering variety of training programme to the enthusiasts. We are home to some of the experienced and certified therapists who designs the courses in a manner that enthusiasts can undertake without any further problems. All the courses you find here are designed abiding the international as well as Australian standards. Understanding the magic hiding in your hands not only makes you a successful therapist but also you get the broad knowledge about healing the unbearable agony by means of proper massaging techniques from experts.

If you have the passion and enthusiasm about enjoying a recognition of a professional therapist, you defiantly need to undertake these professionally designed courses. We help you to recognize your power of healing by means of our touch therapy. We believe in training you in a manner that you can heal your clients' even when they are under strict diet and physical issues. The certified therapists of Body Sense Massage School in UK/LONDON, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Cbd possess the proficiency to train you in the least time and provide required knowledge. With us, you can get manifold of choices on the massage courses that will help to choose your preffered area.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision is to emphasise on the positive touch that casts a positive impact on the overall health and mental condition. These courses help to get knowledge about the triggering point of the body that releases the hidden energy, thereby making you an expert in your niche. Being an Australian Massage School located in Melbourne, Brisbane and also in New Zealand makes us the best choice for the pursuers. Whether you need it for your personal or professional purpose, the wide range of massage courses suits perfectly with the busy and tight schedule of yours. We comprehend that making time is a huge matter of concern, and this is the reason why we have designed approved weekend short massage courses for the enthusiasts. You are free to choose from massage school melbourne or massage school Brisbane or massage school New Zealand in order to undertake these courses and make a successful career.

We offer different types of courses to the enthusiasts. Following are some of them:
  • 1. Get the much-known Kaveh style Massage training and Diploma in Whole Body Massage
  • 2. Exclusive treatment massage courses for sinuses, cluster headaches and migraine headaches
  • 3. Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy
  • 4. Certificate in Whole Body Massage

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We have gained a huge reputation by training many enthusiasts and helping them to enjoy a successful career. This reputed massage school offer wide range of courses in other branches like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, New Zealand, London. Whether you are a novice or experienced, undertaking these professionally designed courses from certified therapists and acquiring globally recognized diplomas and certificates inserts a white feather on your hat. Join us now to widen your knowledge and polish your skill and enjoy a reputation of a professional therapist.

Guaranteed recognized Australian massage certificate only in 2 days (Awarded to you on the Sunday 2nd day of the course). Guaranteed applying your membership and public liability insurance straight after completion of the course.
Please read our FAQ PAGE to get aware of the secrets of Australian massage therapy industry.

Short Massage Therapy Courses Melbourne

Why choose our school? Our range of short courses in Melbourne’s CBD gives you the opportunity—as either a beginner or an existing practicing therapist—to increase your knowledge in other areas of expertise. We also provide approved courses to become a qualified quickly and legally. All of our classes adhere to the highest Australian and international standards.

Training and Certificates in Massage Therapy
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Massage School Melbourne
Body Sense Massage School represented by Mr. Kaveh Salimi Tari is the Exclusive Representative of the World Massage Federation for Australia and New Zealand
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